Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Marketing Japan: More Trouble for Apple!

By Mike in Tokyo Rogers

Here's more trouble for Apple... I guess the Japanese government has been looking into overheating iPod Nano's since 2008... As usual, the government takes fricking forever to do anything...

Weird timing, eh? Just when Apple has some bad news, this comes hot on the heels of the new iPhone problems...

From Sky News:

Apple has been ordered to explain to Japan's industry ministry what it plans to do about cases of its iPod Nano music player overheating and catching fire. There have been at least 27 incidents of the device overheating while charging. Six of these started fires that needed to be put out by firefighters, an official from Japan's Economy, Trade and Industry Ministry said. Four people have burned themsleves touching the device but Apple has failed to act, the official said.

Now that explains that burning sensation in my pants! But seriously, this could turn into a big problem, according to the clowns working at the government, they've been ordering Apple to report problems to them overseas also, but Apple has been ignoring those orders...

I guess the only thing worse than a women scorned is a bunch of fat-assed lazy bureaucrats jumping on the bandwagon to act like they are doing something useful...

Jerks. I don't think we pay taxes so those clowns can make sure our iPods work or not. Don't they have anything important to do?

See original article here.


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