Saturday, August 28, 2010

Now the Japanese Government Reports a 200-Year-Old Man Discovered!!!

I reported earlier today that those clowns in the Japanese government had reported that, on their books, they had found a 186-year-old man "living" near Hiroshima .... I wonder if he was still receiving old age pension payments from the government?

But now,  that's nothing. In less than 24-hours, a different prefecture in Japan reports that they have discovered a 200-year-old man! They are now investigating and will delete the man's name if they confirm that he has, indeed, died... Well, I guess so... If he is 200-years-old, he would have had to been born the same year the famous piano composer Francois Chopin was born in.

From the Mainichi Daily News:

'200-year-old' man listed as alive in family register

IKI, Nagasaki -- A "200-year-old" man is listed as alive in his family register at the municipal government, city officials said.
The man, who was born in 1810, would be as old as classic music composer Frederic Francois Chopin. City officials said his birthday and address are unknown.
The Iki Municipal Government computerized family registers it manages in 2006, but did not touch those for such elderly people.
In Iki, there are 72 people aged over 120, who are listed as alive by their family registers but are not registered as residents.
"We'll conduct an investigation and delete their family registers if they are confirmed dead," a city official said.
This is the kind of good government services we pay taxes for. ...

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