Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Women's Only Explosion! (Uh, don't say "explosion" when talking about airplanes!)

By Mike in Tokyo Rogers

I guess there must be a lot of perverts and gropers in Japan. I mean perverts  and weirdoes who grab women in crowded areas like the inside of packed trains. That's why now we have cars on trains that are for women only.

I think just about everyone has heard of "Women's Only" cars in Japan on trains that run in the mornings. Right?

Long ago, I produced a very early morning radio show in Japan for many years and I never rode in the early trains (work on that program began at 5 in the morning. There were no trains, so we always took taxis). When that show was taken off the air, I did get a chance to ride the early trains. I didn't know anything about the "Women's Only" cars and didn't pay any attention to the signs on the trains...

I sure paid attention to the glares that the ladies gave me though when I stood at the entrance to the "Women's Only" car the first time. Finally, one women walked up to me and pointed out that the line I was standing in was for "Women's Only" cars... "Oh, I'm sorry! I didn't know!"

She probably told me because she thought (correctly) that I was just a dumb gaijin who couldn't read Japanese (or English as the signs plainly say "Women's Only" in both languages).

Well, now in Japan, this "Women's Only" deal has been taken one step further. This morning I stumbled upon this short news release from Feb. 2010 stating that All Nippon Airways - Japan's #2 carrier - is now introducing women-only lavatories!

It says:

"ANA introduces women-only toilets

All Nippon Airways is introducing women-only lavatories on its international routes in response to “numerous requests for this service”. The Japanese carrier joins Korean Air as the only other commerical airline to offer such a service."

Well, I guess this couldn't be in response to being groped in those tiny airplane lavatories... You don't have enough room inside those to change your mind! But I will guess that this is in response to guys being slobs and not washing their hands nor closing the toilet seat cover when they are done...

Warning! Women are also guilty of this too! Proper manners for the toilet seat is to close both the seat and the lid upon finishing. Many women complain that guys do not lower the seat when they are done but those same women are often guilty of not properly closing the lid too!

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Smexkid said...

I never fly with ANA but Japan Airline is very nice air hostage.I fly night flight that she take care when I sleep.

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