Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Marketing Japan: More Proof that Hatsune Miku is Becoming a World Wide Star!

By Mike in Tokyo Rogers

I had one of the best articles that I had written in a very long time published on Lew Rockwell two days ago about Hatsune Miku. Thanks Lew!

From that article:

Move over Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson, roll over Beethoven; the next superstar of music has been born and she is going to revolutionize the way we think about music and ourselves… And, no, I am not talking about Lady Gaga. "Artists" like Lady Gaga will pale in comparison to the cultural impact that this lady will bring.

The artist that I wish to introduce today will not only reshape our culture, she is also going to reshape the music business and music publishing for decades to come, perhaps even for centuries.

In one-hundred years from now, when artists like Lady Gaga, Madonna, Britney Spears, even the Beatles are long since forgotten, I suspect today’s artist, or her prodigy, will still be going strong. Big claims? Read on.

Even though this artist is unknown in the west, many of her videos on YouTube have well over a million views. Some over two million! That’s not bad for someone who has no recording contract and is only three years old.

Very well done for someone who is not even human.

Meet Hatsune Miku. She is the next generation of superstar musician. Hatsune Miku is Japanese; but she is not a woman. She is not even a human; Hatsune Miku is an android. You read correctly. The next superstar of music is not of flesh and bones.

Well, it's a case of reverse imports!... I wrote about Hatsune Miku in the United States and now, someone in Japan, on Dempa 2-Channel "Flash UP VIP News", has picked up that article and re-imported it into Japan.

Wow! I'm impressed!

See that blog here 

Thanks to my friend Graham Carpenter for the heads up!



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