Sunday, August 8, 2010

Marketing Japan: Introducing the Next Rock Superstar: Hatsune Miku - Pre-view Feature on Lew Rockwell

By Mike in Tokyo Rogers

Introducing the Next Rock Superstar: Hatsune Miku.

I will have another new article on Lew Rockwell (LRC) Monday. The article will be about something that is happening in Japan that has to do with culture and music. It's implications are frightening.

I have the article, links, and videos all ready for your pleasure.

Seriously, be prepared for a shock. Remember the name Hatsune Miku... She is going to turn our world upside down. She is huge in Japan, becoming big in Europe and I hear popular in France already!

People over 30 will probably misunderstand her. People over 50 will hate her. But here's the problem!Teenagers go crazy over her - and it is not a flash in the pan! Some of her videos have more views in Japan than Lady Gaga does... Some are nearing 10 million views!

My Facebook friends and blog followers get to pre-view read the entire article here. This is one of the best pieces I have ever written. Frightening in its implications. Beautiful for today's lonely youth.


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Anonymous said...

Very interesting, this was bound to happen though. People have been trying to synthesize the human voice since MIDI files. She still sounds a little electronic, but considering electronica and electric sounds are getting very popular, the synthesized sound may actually boost the popularity even more.

I'm surprised though, that its possible for the creators of a particular piece to be unable to secure rights, thus creating as you said a 'musicians worst nightmare' . It may be possible but it seems unlikely.

Still very cool, and I read on the wikipedia that they are releasing a new Vocaloid that is going to be even more realistic than Hatsune."

Shea Davis

Anonymous said...

"Hatsune Miku was certainly a name I did not expect to see on LRC. Great job!"

Graham Carpenter

Anonymous said...

Wow. I came here due to your article on Lew Rockwell. Due to a friend living in Japan, I listen to a little J-pop mainly Ayu. But as you wrote this Vocaloid is revolutionary. It is another nail in the coffin in the music industry and for copyrighted materials in general.

Reverend Trance

Anonymous said...

i guess Sharon Apple (out of Macross Plus) has come to life!

god i love open source!

keep the faith!

Rick B

Anonymous said...

I read your article and, as a singer/songwriter, I was curious to hear Hatsune Miku in action. So, I went to YouTube to listen and to evaluate the voice. To me, it is interesting that in one of the "documentary" pieces on there, most people could not figure out that Hatsune Miku is a synthesized voice. I could tell right away. I was expecting to hear a "human" voice; however, there are deep differences between the voices of Hatsune Miku and humans. I can see this a a new "thing" in music and such; however, I am certain that most musicians and singer/songwriters will not be replaced by this 16-year old (or 18, not sure as different people say she is different ages) as though she is "real"! I guess, should you really want to compare her to Rachel in Bladerunner, she is definitely no match for Rachel's voice, which definitely sounds totally "human." Also, you may not know this but the Bladerunner, Rick Deckard, himself is also an android!

There is a lack of timbre in her voice that humans have. I am sure that, when this is solved, they may have something yet closer to the human voice. However, it will take more time to do this as the sound physics/mathematics for this are rather complex and no one, yet, has been able to figure this out so far. Just as Anastazi Indian flutes, according to physics, cannot really work, yet they do, the human voice will also be a tough one for computers in the future. I think, as a result, humans will continue to play and sing (both expertly and amateurishly) for some time to come.

Also, I would like to thank you for guiding me to see this innovation as, to me, it is rather interesting. Amateurs as well as professionals can "try out" songs using the Hatsune Miku software. Many times, we need to hear someone else sing our songs so that we can really hear how good/bad they really are. I have not heard of this software in America; however, I will look for it and see how it goes.

Anyse Joslin

Anonymous said...

Now for android politicians, or is that an oxymoron?

R Klassen

Mary said...

keep the faith

Anonymous said...

There is already a VOCALOID 2 voice bank that is really close to the human voice: Megpoid aka GUMI

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