Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Marketing Japan: Foodlog. One Photo Measures Calorie Intake. Incredible!...

By Mike in Tokyo Rogers

OK, are you ready for some real Science Fiction? Here goes. Remember the name "Foodlog." You read about it here first.

Some aquaintances of mine have come up with a fantastic new idea that I think might make them $500 million dollars profit. It's called Foodlog.

What is Foodlog? Well, sit back, cause this will blow your mind. Foodlog is an Internet SNS service that allows the user to use their cellphone to take a photo of some food and the site will measure how many calories for the user that is in that food.

"Rogers! You're nuts!" I can hear you say. But, no. It really does do that. I saw it in action earlier today

The technology is new and it uses something akin to the technology that can read human retinas to identify different types of food. The categories at this time are confinded to forty-seven different kinds of food and the current tchnology requires that the photos must be taken from above the food.

The next step in this technology will be that Foodlog will be able to measure, not only calories, but also salt, vitamins, and minerals, etc. How could it possibly do that, you say?

Well, they explained it to me, but, heck if I understood what they were talking about...

Some people might read this and think that this is all nonsense, but, no it is not. Tokyo University of Science is the main backer of this project and when the #1 university in Japan gets behind a project, you know that this is no joke.

Foodlog is up as a Beta system now and you are welcomed to go to the site, register, and try it out for yourself.

Like I said, this might seem too fantastic to be believed, but this is also coming from Japan; the country that promised holographic technology that could be delivered world-wide by 2022.

So, Foodlog is no joke. Imagine being able to store up online everything - and all the calories, etc. - you've ever eaten and, ten years down the road, you say, "Remember this meal?"

I shudder the thought.

See Foodlog here.



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