Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Surprise! Sushi the Most Popular Food Among Tourists to Japan

I'm on vacation until the 19th, and have no internet, but still wanted to give my loyal readers something fun to check out everyday while I'm gone. You will love this!

Well, a survey of tourists leaving Japan shows what everyone already knows: Sushi is a favorite among tourists (and Japanese alike).

The article reads:

TOKYO — Foreign tourists visiting Japan enjoy sushi above any other national dish, according to a survey by the Japan National Tourism Organisation.

The state-run agency said it interviewed more than 15,000 foreign tourists as they left Japan and asked what their favourite food had been during their visit.
Four out of ten picked sushi -- morsels of vinegar-flavoured rice usually served with sliced raw seafood.
Ramen, a noodle soup that originated in China, came in second with 21 percent of visitors placing it top, just ahead of sashimi -- bite-sized slices of raw fish.
Tempura -- fish, shellfish or vegetables deep fried in batter -- was fourth and udon, a thick noodle made from wheat flour, was fifth.
Of course,  if you ever do come to Tokyo, keep track of this blog, because sushi is outrageously expensive anywhere in the world, but there is one very delicious and reasonable sushi shop just 15 minutes by subway from Shibuya near Yoga station on the Den-en-Toshi line. See details about Sushi Matsu here.
Go to original AFP article about tourist survey here.

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