Thursday, August 5, 2010

Best Sushi Value in Setagaya-Ku (at Yoga Station)

I think I've found the best value in sushi in all of Tokyo. The "Gyu-don" (Beef bowl) restaurant chain known as "Matsuya," which is found everywhere in Japan, has opened the first of its flagship discount "kaiten" (revolving) sushi shops in Yoga.

The ¥500 yen lunch is at the top. What a deal!

Folks, this may not be the best sushi in Japan by far, but for the price, this place is just awesome. Now I know that many people just hate revolving sushi and I've been to some pretty bad places before... But I have now been to "Sushi-Matsu" now at least a dozens times and it has been pretty darned good everytime.

I have a six-year-old son who just loves watching the sushi revolve around and he just goes crazy over this place. Really! The fish is very fresh and the prices are incredibly low.

They have a "One-coin lunch" (¥500 yen - about $5.50 USD) that includes nigiri sushi as well as miso soup and a salad. That is incredible that they can do business at that price.

Excellent value, good food, great service and the place is immaculate. I love Japan!

Not only do they have great, fresh fish, they also have specials running all the time that make me wonder how they stay in business. 

Whenever you go to Sushi-Matsu you get points in a stamp card. One point for every ¥500 you spend. So it actually works out to a about  5% discount (¥10,000 yen spent gets you a ¥500 discount). But if you go on a Monday or Thursday, you get triple points! And, if you grab the coupons booklet at the door, you can get an extra 5%, 10% or 15% discount if you go after 5:30 in the evening.

Folks, that's a 30% discount at Sushi Matsu! Really, how do they stay in business?

Sushi Matsu. Yoga Station East Exit. About a 20 second walk.

That's also one of the reasons that I am writing this blog... This restaurant is so cheap and so good, that it has become our favorite place to go. Heck, we can go out and eat all the great sushi we want and not spend ¥3,000 (about $35!) Where can you go in the world to get great sushi at that price?

We eat here twice a week recently. Can't be beat!

Sushi Matsu (next door to Matsuya in Yoga). Setagaya-ku, Yoga station East Exit. About 20 ~ 30 seconds walk. 

Sushi Matsu (
Tokyo-To, Setagaya-Ku, Yoga 2-38-15 Taryoku Bldg.
Tele: 03-5491-4030 

I give Sushi Matsu 5 1/2 stars!

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Maggie said...

That does sound too good to be true! Do you know whether these prices reflect in the salary the staff receives?
In Germany for example you have quite a few discounters who sell very cheap clothing or groceries, but the people who work there usually work under very hard and unhumane conditions and the salary is below average.

Is this the case in Japan as well? I sure hope not!

mike in tokyo rogers said...

HI Maggie,

I did see a sign at the door when they first opened advertising for staff at the going rate of about ¥950 per hour (that's about $10.25 USD)... This is slightly better than McDonald's who pays ¥900 or so...


SushiTail said...

If a plate of sushi is 100 yen, that's about 94 cents in today's currency rate. Great bargain!

Ri said...

Wow, this does look good - and very reasonable! Noted, will have to try it. ^^)b

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