Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Marketing Japan: McDonald's Sponsors Japan Kid's Baseball Championship this Sunday 8/15!...

By Mike in Tokyo Rogers

I never eat McDonald's. I don't like the food... But I do like some of the public relations things McDonald's does. When it comes to PR, McDonald's is top class (especially for PR to mom's and kids!)

Once in a great while, I might let my son have some fried potatoes but, even that, is about once every six months. I don't like McDonald's food and I don't want my family to eat it.

But, as far as public relations goes, McDonald's is tops.

Near my home in Futakotamagawa there are many baseball diamonds near the river. I often take my son and wife for walks along the river. There, at one diamond every week, are elementary school kids playing baseball in some sort of tournament sponsored by McDonald's.

I guess they are going to have the finals this year on August 15th. I will try to get photos of that! Here's info in Japanese.

Here's some info in English about last year (it's all I could find).

It is very cool of McDonald's to sponsor this and not insist upon having their logo splattered everywhere.

Very cool McDonald's...

But I still won't eat your food... The ¥100 coffee? Sure.


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