Thursday, August 5, 2010

Marketing Japan: Apple iPhone 4 More Reliable than 3GS!!!...

By Mike in Tokyo Rogers

Well the results are in. Fortune magazine reports that customer satisfaction with the new iPhone 4 is a disastrously low 93%...

93%!? That's not low... That's great! Er, wait a minute. Let me re-check those stats... Let's see here. ...Yep. That's what it says, 93%.... 93% customer satisfaction!? That's great!

The article says:

"ChangeWave poll finds 93% satisfied with their new iPhone, down from 99% last year."

Yeah, I guess those are disastrous numbers.... I mean if you are a kick a*s company like Apple Computers. If you were most any other USA company like Ford, Microsoft, Chevrolet, General Motors, (your pet peeve American company's name here), you'd probably be happy if 60% of your customers didn't want to go postal on you at one time or another during the calendar year.

Yeah, disastrous. Last year's customer satisfaction with iPhone 3GS was 99%... I guess if they didn't hit 100% this year, it would have to be considered a failure. 

Yeah right. Failure. Michael Jackson's "Thriller", the biggest selling album in music history, sat at number one on the Billboard charts for 37 weeks and sold more than 25 million records in 1982. Second only to West Side Story.

Jackson's following album, "Bad", only sold something in the neighborhood of 18 million records, so, I guess compared to Thriller, many people thought "Bad" was a failure.

Fortune Magazine surveyed 213 new iPhone 4 owners and the results were excellent. The biggest surprise was that, in spite of claims, the iPhone 4 was more reliable than the iPhone 3GS, when it came to dropped telephone calls than the iPhone!

"The biggest surprise, however, was that when iPhone 4 owners were asked how frequently they had experienced dropped calls, the results were actually lower than when iPhone 3GS owners were asked the same question last year: 5.2% vs. 6.3%, a 17.46% reduction in reported dropped calls." 

Now isn't that a nice surprise! 

I did write before that I thought it wasn't good that my hero Steve Jobs made excuses, but I am very happy to hear this news...

Especially since I nightly stick pins in my Bill Gates voodoo doll.

Good news for Apple. Now, for the next iPhone, let's go for 120% customer satisfaction! If any American company could pull that off, Apple can!

See original Fortune Magazine article here.



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Mark said...

And what is the customer satisfaction rating with Softbank? If Docomo carried Iphone I would go out and get one right away.

mike in tokyo rogers said...

Thanks Mark,

I have an appointment with the head of Softbank BB next week. I'll see what data. I can find.

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