Thursday, August 26, 2010

Japan's New Game Sensation! Chabudaigashi

By Mike in Tokyo Rogers

Pissed off at the world? Yeah. There seems to be lots of other people who share your feelings. Now, the good folks at Taito games in Japan have come out with a game that's just perfect for you.

The game is called Chabudaishi. "Chabu" is an old-fashioned, very small Japanese style dining table. "Daishi" means flipping over that table.

It's a game where you can take out your frustrations on the world as well as your family or friends. Wow! Sign me up! 

At home, during dinner, do the kids talk constantly on their cell phones or play hand-held computer games when all you want is to sit down and have a nice quiet family dinner together and spend some quality time? Well, don't put up with it. Show your wife and children that you are just as dysfunctional as they are by screaming and slamming your fists on the table and then, finally, throwing the table over and spilling everything on the floor in a fit of rage!

What enjoyment!

Or, you are out at a bar or restaurant with friends just wanting to have a nice time with a few drinks and laughs reminiscing about old times. What's that? The waitress keeps screwing up your order or the service is too slow? Don't put up with it. Why call the manager when you can slam your fists on the  table and dump it over to make a public scene and get your ass kicked out of the restaurant!

What fun!

The best part of it all is that you score points and get better scores for the more outrageous your uncontrolled outbursts are.

Why take a tranquilizer and have a nice cup of tea to calm your nerves when you can really act like an idiot with an uncontrollable temper and make a complete fool of yourself.

Chabudaishi by Taito Games. It is so Japanese and, if you fancy, it can also be so you!

Your wife and kids will thank me.

Thanks to my friend Lacarmina


Anonymous said...

This. Is. EPIC.

mike in tokyo rogers said...

He... He... He... Yeah. Pretty funny, eh?

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