Sunday, August 22, 2010

Marketing Japan: Making Your iPhone Look Like Food!...

By Mike in Tokyo Rogers

Do you own a iPhone? Let's face it, regardless of what people think about the iPad (which is cool), the cat's meow is still the iPhone. I can live without an iPad, can't live without an iPhone.

iPhone's are cool because you can do all sorts of things with them: Internet, calendar, iPod, texting, Twitter, Pick, Facebook; you name it, the iPhone can do it.

The iPhone you can eat!?

But now people are taking the things you can do with an iPhone one step farther! iPhone already came with the feature of being able to be personalized, but now.... The The iPhone that looks like food! What will they think of next?

There is an online company called, "Strapya" that specializes in making cell phone straps, jewelry and trinkets like that. Now they have iPhone covers that look like food... And they really do!

The rice looks good enough to eat!

From their webpage:

So realistic, you might think about eating Your iPhone

Even one piece of rice looks extremely realistic, your iPhone might start looking like your favorite dish. Who would have ever though of making your iPhone looking like food? We did!

This company is making all sorts of trinkets that are interesting....

The Strapya webpage is here

This company does make all sorts of things, but nothing really strikes me as original or new... Mostly, unfortunately, "Junk" that no one needs...

Now, when they come out with an iPhone cover that not only looks like food, but they invent a completely edible iPhone then that is when I will recommend everyone to invest in this company! 


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