Japan is in a Depression! ¥300 Yen Bento!

By Mike in Tokyo Rogers

Well, I have to admit it when I am wrong. I was completely convinced that, while we have little inflation in Japan, that we didn't really have any deflation at all.

Why? Well, 10 years ago, a liter of gasoline cost ¥95 yen. Today is costs ¥128. Food stuffs have all gone up in price too.

Seen on the road near Sasazuka Station on the Keio Line. It says
"Service Bento (no tea) ¥300"... It looked good too! 

One year ago a can of corn cost ¥85. Now it's ¥119.

But today I saw something that dropped my jaw: ¥300 yen bento! Like an idiot, I didn't take a photo of the bento but it looked pretty darned good too!

I have never seen ¥300 bento before. The photo is proof! If this is the direction that prices are going in Japan, then that's good news!

Hope my salary doesn't deflate with it!


erold59 said…
Its about playing by the same rules, while USA moves along @ 3% growth rate, China storms away @ 11% growth,

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