Sunday, March 11, 2012

Facebook Loss of Privacy Really Out of Hand! Woman finds her husband has another wife on Facebook!

"Facebook says, 'Privacy is theft,' because they're selling your lack of privacy to the advertisers who might show up one day." Jaron Lanier

Well, the articles that will make one really want to start thinking about deleting their Facebook account are coming hard and fast. This time, a married woman finds out her husband has another wife through Facebook!

The same thing happened in the sixties! Just that word got out a different way.

What did I tell you about idiots putting too much information up on the internet and Facebook? Like that lady who killed the endangered species polar bear then placed the phot up on the Internet for everyone to see? Talk about dumb! This guy might even be worse!

Washington radio station WLFI reports:

Facebook 'friend' offer exposes man's other wife
TACOMA, Wash. (AP) — Facebook's automatic efforts to connect user through "friends" they may know recently led two Washington women to find out they were married to the same man, at the same time.
That led to the man, corrections officer Alan L. O'Neill, being slapped with bigamy charges.
According to charging documents filed Thursday, O'Neill married a woman in 2001, moved out in 2009, changed his name and remarried without divorcing her. The first wife first noticed O'Neill had moved on to another woman when Facebook suggested the friendship connection to wife No. 2 under the "People You May Know" feature.
"Wife No. 1 went to wife No. 2's page and saw a picture of her and her husband with a wedding cake," said Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist told The Associated Press.
If that were my spouse? Why, yes! I would politely inquire what this was all about!

Wife No. 1 then called the defendant's mother.
"An hour later the defendant arrived at (Wife No. 1's) apartment, and she asked him several times if they were divorced," court records show. "The defendant said, 'No, we are still married.'"
Neither O'Neill nor his first wife had filed for divorce, according to charging documents. The name change came in December, and later that month he married his second wife.
O'Neill allegedly told Wife No. 1 not to tell anybody about his dual marriages, that he would fix it, the documents state. But wife No. 1 alerted authorities.
"Facebook is now some place where people discover things about each other that end up reporting that to law enforcement," Lindquist said.
O'Neill, 41, was previously known at Alan Fulk. He has worked as a Pierce County corrections officer for five years, sheriff's spokesman Ed Troyer said. He was placed on administrative leave after prosecutors charged him Thursday. He could face up to a year in jail if convicted.

His name is Alan Fulk? Well, I guess he Fulked up! Yuk! Yuk! Yuk!

Junior high school grade jokes aside, I think one year in jail is far too severe. This guy obviously has some sort of mental problem as one has to wonder, "Why in the world would he want two wives? Isn't one enough trouble as it is?" As Jerry Lee Lewis would counter: "Well, since I wasn't really married to my first wife then I didn't need a divorce!" Or some sort of twisted logic like that...

Seriously, I predict that something is going to come along that is like Facebook excepting it is more protective of your privacy (a friend recommended "Anonymousbook") and also really confines who your "friends" can be. 

Think I could start a "FREE ALAN FULK" scam charity like Kony 2012 and pay myself massive bonuses too?


Jimbo said...

I saw this yesterday and it made me wonder how the wife managed to go so long living away from her husband without knowing that they weren't divorced. Something within this whole situation just doesn't add up. As for the bigamy charges, you're right: Two wives is punishment enough.

Julian Ranger said...

"I predict that something is going to come along that is like Facebook excepting it is more protective of your privacy " - your prediction is true, we have come along at Early days for the product, but one thing is for sure 100% privacy guaranteed as even we the business don't see your data. (For more details see

And if you want to download all your Facebook data and view it and search fully, before deleting your account, have a look at - also 100% private.

Zanchito said...

Actually, that means Facebook's "Friend search" is working nicely. They DID have something in common and would have wanted to get in touch.

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