Friday, March 23, 2012

Need Extra Money? Great Idea for a New Business!

“We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive.” ~ Albert Einstein


Japan, like everywhere else, is facing an economic slump. Most of us are doing what we can and wracking our brains to find new ways to create income.

I spoke with a good friend of mine, Mark Davis, who is a real estate consultant. Mark tells me that last year was the worst year in twenty years for his business.

I asked if this year looked the same. 

Mark replied, "...the real estate market has bottomed out and banks are making loans again. But things are still tough."

I tried to encourage him and asked if he ever considered starting a new business. 

Mark replied, "My idea for starting a new business is the wife going out and getting a job!"

I know he's happy he started a new business!

Ha! Ha! Ha! I thought that this was an excellent plan. Think of it! The ultimate get rich scheme! Sit there and do nothing and the money comes rolling in!

I love it! It's definitely a man's world! 

Thanks to Mark Davis!


Anonymous said...

Mark replied, "My idea for starting a new business is the wife going out and getting a job!"

A response of HAHAHA, is sooo right.

But it is also sooo wrong. So very.

It sucks.

It bites.

It can be top of the world and bottom of the barrel at the same time.

I'm telling ya it saps a mans energy, er chi, or something like that.

Plus, the in-laws... oh man, the in-laws will NEVER let you live it down,... heck, not even your own parents will! Even if it's what she wants and you let her, encouraged her and supported her in every move she made.

Don't even get me started on listening to her tell you about her day and the feedback you might try to give to make it better. ... She's fighting with retards, the ONLY thing y0ou can do is tell her, "Don't fight with the retards" as she starts her day.

No offense to retards.

You might even work your butt off working a slave factory job to see her achieve her goals,... the world will Never see that. Don't go there. Do-Not-go-there!

You'll be made out to be a loser, a failure and the worst kind of human rot there is if you follow this path.

I'm probably telling the world more than I should,... but it's true.

Knock her up, keep her in the kitchen barefoot and pregnant and you'll likely both be happy,... er, at least she will be. Even if you have to live with a minimum wage job, don't do it!!!

Oh but God, don't Ever Ever let her work for the goberment or you'll Never find happiness. Not even if she is a mini-Ron Paul trying to make sh-stuff better. Imho, it just does not pan out. Especially then.

Insert sexy/bitchy/fighting with her lover, video of Amanda Woodward, the character from the TV show Melrose Place, here x.

- clark

Anonymous said...

... Did I say, For the love of GOD man, don't-do-it! ?

For all you atheists out there, ... well, I don't know what to say to you except, re-read my comment above and focus on the part about the in-laws and the parents.

If there's exceptions to the "rules" oh boy are they lucky,... and, please tell us your secrets as I've not heard of any long lasting ones yet.

Andrew Joseph said...

Did you know that excluding my work environment - every single female I know does NOT have a job. No... not ALL of them (but some) are looking after young children - but unfortunately, only their own. If they looked after their own, plus, up to a total of five kids, they could make a few bucks.
I wouldn't have lost my frigging house, given up my collecting whatever my hobbies were (It's been too long!), wouldn't be so far up up my own ass in debt, and wouldn't take out my frustrations on the blogging world.

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