Sunday, March 18, 2012

McPsychotic: Americans Go McViolent Over McDonald's Campaign - Fights Break Out All Over America for a Crappy McJob

If there's any example you need for how far down the hell hole the United States society and economy has gone, one need look no further than this post for a peek at a slice of life in today's America. This is a bit dated, but I had this on file for a long time and I think it is just as shocking one year later.

Have you ever imagined that American people would be fighting for a job at McDonald's? 

On April 19, 2011, some Einstein at McDonald's Marketing had the bright idea to launch a gimmick campaign to hire 50,000 people across America. So good, so far. Considering the employment situation there and how every year at Christmas time, idiot Americans line up and start fighting to buy crap for Christmas presents, one should be able to easily imagine how this would turn out.

Here's a news report on the campaign:

There's many news reports on this event but I picked this 
one because the blond reporter is hot!

Now, this might work out well in a civilized country like Japan... But we're not talking about a civilized country. We're talking about the United States in 2011 and beyond.

I take every chance I can to kick McDonald's for serving poison. But I think their coffee is great (please refer to: McDonald's coffee is at least twice as good as Starbucks) but to take a company need like hiring staff and turn it into a promotional event sticks.

Line up for a job at McDonald's? Sure. In today's America.... And, of course, since it is America, the Mcfights broke out. There's tons of videos up on Youtube about the fights and there was at least one attack where a car was used to ram people in the line.

Woman runs over three people in a car in Cleveland at McDonald's hiring event:

Watch from about 0:50 seconds.

I wonder if ramming people in your car is a Happy Set to go "take out" order?

You can find more videos yourself but I imagine that you'll take my word for it.

The United States has become a country of savages. Society and social order are breaking down fast... It's only going to get worse as the US dollar continues to collapse.

Great idea spending all that money borrowed from Japan and China on making bombs and invading other countries.

Here's another fight at a McDonalds another day. That society is falling apart.

These people are nuts. Think they got that way from getting too much sh*t from their government and eating too much sh*t like McDonald's? I'll bet you half a donut they did!


Andrew Joseph said...

May you live interesting times.
I think ... I don't even know what to think about people running over other people or fighting in McDonald's for jobs.
Smiles are free! Or at least they used to be on the menu!
It is a sad testament to any society.

diego.a said...

More proof to add to your article: Japanese Students Riot

No riot gear costumes, tasers, or pepper-spray. Few nightsticks, but lots of pushing and shoving. You could get more injuries at a soccer match riot. Even their motives were better than US rioters. They are even better dressed. I even had to go back to 1961 to get this!

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