Saturday, March 10, 2012

Kony 2012 is a Scam - Kony? What about America's war criminals? If Uganda didn't have oil, you'd never hear about this.

"The United States has never intervened anywhere on the face of the planet for the interests of the masses of people. There's always a geostrategic and geopolitical reason for the involvement." - Marcel Cartier

Kony 2012 has become a viral sensation with tens of millions of views in just a week. Sorry, folks but this entire thing reeks of propaganda. This is the first time the CIA or similar organization is dedicated to using the social media tool, Facebook, to sway public opinion. It's not the first time, nor will it be the last, that average dummy Joe Blow (who watches too much TV) gets all riled up about disinformation.

Kony 2012 is not what it seems. 

Why the sudden interest in Uganda? ‎

Six million people have died in the last decade in the Democratic Republic of Congo... But we don't hear about that! Why? The USA benefits from the proxy war in Congo. And Congo doesn't have resources we want. 

Why Kony and why Uganda? What a coincidence that oil was discovered in Uganda two years ago.

Just like Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and other middle east countries, we are told that we must save these people. But what happens? We bomb and kill them. Iraq and Libya should be more than enough to wake people up to a smoke screen.

Kony 2012 seems suspiciously to be merely a psy-ops operation to get US public opinion behind more US military action in Uganda to control their resources. The US already has 100 soldiers on the ground in Uganda by the way.

If episodes like this continue, it will even further ruin the credibility of Facebook like the credibility of the main stream media has been ruined. Look for this to be a preview of how Facebook will not be the powerful social media tool it once was in about 5 ~ 10 years.

A big thanks to Kirby Ramlackhan!


KR said...

The infamous Kony video is just war propaganda. And as all good war propaganda does it "has people foaming at the mouth and shrieking for blood".

This is just going to be turned into a movement to support AFRICOM and a giant natural resources grab in Uganada and eventually all of Africa.


Invisible Children Inc is a scam. 'Stop kony 2012' is a scam too. Many people are upset at how Invisible Children Inc has been using the Joseph Kony Saga to cause sensationalism, create a way to collect more donations and enrich themselves.

The more money they collect, the more they pay themselves hefty bonuses. Base salary for Invisible Children exec is about $85, 0000. When allowances and bonuses are added, these guys make over $160,000 a year. Just think what this money they lavish themselves with, could do for the people in Africa for whom they claim to be collecting donations for.

Invisible Children Inc does NOT have an Independent and external Auditor. Their Financial Statements as submitted to the Charity Navigator web site cannot be independently verified. It should be assumed to be a cooked financial statement since it was submitted by their in house Auditor and can not be substantiated by a third party.

Invisible Children Inc Executives have retained expensive Lawyers and in the past have been threatening libel suits to any one who dares to question their financial operations or their ethical legitimacy. They have also used your donation money to hire expensive Washington lobbyists to influence policies to suit their objectives. There close social relationships with African Oppressive regimes have also ensured that they have been protected and shrouded in biased and lopsided misinformation for years.

For the last 2 years less than 10% of funds collected by Invisible Children are sent to the Ground to help the Ugandan Children. Previous to that, less than 30% of the money they collected was sent to Uganda to help the Ugandan People. A preliminary survey of all projects and activity on the Ground in Uganda to help the Uganda Children does not even total up to $1.5 Million of the $13 Million they have collected in donations so far.

Before Invisible Children Inc started, the Executive directors where Media arts students who went to Africa to look for project to farther their careers. They first went to Southern Sudan on a hit and miss venture and by just by chance they went farther south and stumbled upon the conflict in Northern Uganda. Since then they have capitalized on the Uganda -Joseph Kony War to spear head their media, film and music careers. They have also become stinky rich and drive in fancy cars and live in fancy houses with your donation money.

Now in2012, Invisible Children has created this STOP Kony 2012 video to mislead people to collect money to help catch Joseph Kony? The LRA Joseph kony war, talked about in their video has ended over 3 years ago. Joseph Kony has Not been seen or heard from, for the last two years and is actually believed to be dead. The United Nations however has reported that villages in Central Africa have recently been raided and people killed by thugs believed to be the LRA soldiers of Joseph Kony.

What many people do not kow, is that over 5 months ago, the USA Government had already sent 100 combat marine soldiers to Uganda and Central Africa to catch Joseph Kony. These Marines are co-coordinating their efforts with the armies of Uganda, DR Congo, South Sudan, and Central African Republic in an effort to Catch Kony. How is the Money you donate going to be used help catch Joseph Kony? Does Invisible Children have an Army in Africa that they are collecting this money to equip for a mission to catch kony? On invisible children's donate website, they write that; "To bring home Joseph Kony’s child soldiers, it will take an army of individuals making a monthly commitment through TRI contributions" Is the Money you donate to Invisible Children and Kony2012 being given to the United States Government to capture Kony? Off course Not. Will the Money be sent to Africa to Help the African Poor People? Yes only only less than 10%. So what will Invisible Children do with the rest of the 90% of your money? Yes Think About it!

Anonymous said...

When all one has is a hammer, or plane, or bomb, everything starts looking like a nail, or target.

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