Monday, March 5, 2012

Japanese grandfather gored by 500 kilogram bull that wandered into his garden

Holy sh*t! Again! It seems that a 500 kilogram (about 1,100 pound) bull that was out for a walk got spooked by a motocycle and took off from his handler. The bull then wandered into the garden of a grandfather who was playing with his three little grandkids. When the grandfather tried to shield his kids, the bull gored him! Luckily the kids escaped harm!

The Yomiuri Newspaper reports:

A 56-year-old farmer was gored and seriously injured while he tried to protect his grandchildren from a 500-kilogram bull that had escaped from its owner on Tokunoshima island in Kagoshima Prefecture, according to police. The bull had wandered into the garden of Eio Okuyama in the town of Isen at about 2:50 p.m. Saturday. When Okuyama stood between the animal and his three granddaughters, aged between 8 months and 10 years, the bull gored him in the lower abdomen and tossed him about one meter into the air.

The 3-year-old bull was later captured on a nearby road. The bull lived about 1.5 kilometers from Okuyama's house, police said. The bull's owner reportedly told police the animal had run off after being startled by a passing motorcycle after it had been let out of a barn to go for a walk.

This has some scenes of Japanese bullfighting 

Like I said, "Holy sh*t!" Can you imagine playing in your garden without a care in the world and all of a sudden his huge bull just shows up and looks like he's mad? Have you ever stood close to a big bull? I have. They are huge! No. Make that HUGE! Like the size of a car! Their head is bigger than your torso!

I think I would have peed my pants to have this huge assed bull walk up on me in the back yard while I was playing with the kids in the garden. Talk about seeing your life flash in front of your eyes!

I wonder if they will destroy this bull or what type of penalty and retribution this animal's owner must pay to the injured man? 

Interestingly, I was sent this funny video about cows having their own revolution against man by fighting back against being eaten. My friend sent me this last night. It's called, "Cows With Guns." Hope you get a laugh out of it. 

Mad cows, indeed!

Thanks to News on Japan

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Anonymous said...

Marketing Japan asked, "Can you imagine playing in your garden without a care in the world and all of a sudden his huge bull just shows up and looks like he's mad?"

Yes. (Not that you wanted an answer.)

Marketing Japan asked, "Have you ever stood close to a big bull?"

Yes, and I wasn't afraid. Others were though.

Funny (not so, really) how that describes the world today, People vs. big goberment.

The thing is, cows/bulls don't take everything else you have with them when they are done, unlike goberment.

Side note: The thing about Che Guevera, I don't like him, his philosophy and all, but there's a film out that makes him look pretty good... course that was before he became famous. Sorry, I can't think of the film title, he rides around South America on a motorcycle with his friend,... who wouldn't like that?

Also, shi... I couldn't help but notice the anti-smoking propaganda in the cows with gun video,... a cigarette on the ground lit off the fire? As far as I know, that's not possible. It was probably uninentional propaganda, but it was what it was.
Heh, when they were rushing off to fight for bovine freedom I thought they'd end up running off a cliff... cows Are stupid.

But yeah, I got a laugh,... chickens in choppers. AhHAHAHA.

Image of a human as a fishing lure for a Giant bass, goes *here* caption underneath says, "What comes around, goes around."

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