Sunday, March 11, 2012

Final Nail in the Kony Coffin

Video by Ugandan girl. "Before you Tweet or send out all these messages about Kony, you should educate yourself. The guy who makes these videos earns $90,000 USD a year making these videos." 

There's so much BS going on about this Kony guy. Just look at this! There's no way this would have appeared on the front pages of the NY Times! No one knew who this guy was until last Thursday!

Here's the video:

Thanks to What Really Happened


Anonymous said...

"The guy who makes these videos earns $90,000 USD a year making these videos."

Yeesh, I'm doing something wrong then. [I say to myself, Back to the drawing board for you! But don't be a part of that whole AFRICOM deal conquesting Africa, or any COM conquesting anywhere.]

I try to discuss issues I think affect everyone in one way or another. As a result I'm told, "You think too much,"

I mean, I try to relate one situation with many others and it's lost on People. For instance, I may mention how a gang of forty motorcycles without mufflers roaring off from a stoplight right next to my bedroom window might be the same as someone else's experience with a group of idiots lighting off fireworks or claymore mines in their backyard,... and my comment is called asinine. ?

I just don't get some People.

For instance, I don't understand Karen DeCoster's use of the word, libertarianoid.
Some People might be ok with eating pink slime. I know I've created dishes that could be called pink slime, but it was not too bad.

... Ah, heck, what's the point going further? The churches love warmongering. The People love ignorance and games. The Empire marches on until it doesn't and you and I and others like us are caught in the middle.

In spite of all that and more, I think of Darryl Schoon's old tag line, "Buy gold, buy silver, have faith."

Sorry, excuse the rant, it probably makes no sense, I'll blame it on trying this "Two sleeps" dealy I'm trying.

Anonymous said...

oops, I forgot to tag on so Anonymous didn't get the credit for my comment.

- clark

Anonymous said...

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