Saturday, March 3, 2012

Police Raid Clubs in Tokyo Hosted by Porn Stars and Arrest Managers - More Nonsense From the Police and Wasting Tax Money - Yes, There are Photos. Why Do You Ask?

The headlines read: Japanese Big Bust! Cops Raid Shinjuku and Roppongi Clubs Staffed by AV Actresses, Idols (AV means "Adult Video"). Here we go again....

Adult video star and extremely sexy Japanese idol Shoko Akiyama worked 
as a waitress. Hell, a girl has to live, pay rent and bills and eat, right?

Here I am once again on a wonderfully bright Saturday morning and I get more news across my desk about how the idiots in the Japanese police are wasting time and tax monies busting clubs that ostensibly make their money offering services to clients.

In this case, are you sitting down? The police arrested club owners because the girls actually sat down and talked with their customers! Heavens!

Japanese Sex Star Rio Natsume owned one of the other clubs

On the job as always, the Tokyo Reporter has the asinine story:

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police raided two hostess clubs staffed by adult video (AV) actresses and pin-up models for licensing violations, reports Nikkan Gendai (Feb. 28).
On February 24, officers took managers Yuji Isa, 51, and Hiroaki Kato, 30, and two other employees of club Pippi, located in the Roppongi and Shinjuku entertainment areas, into custody for allowing female staff members to sit and serve at the same table as customers — a violation of the Law Regulating Adult Entertainment Businesses.
Pippi is a variation of a hostess club and termed a “girl's bar” which are clubs legally registered as eating-and-drinking establishments that under the adult-entertainment law are not allowed to offer personal one-on-one companionship. (Read more here).

Can you believe this idiocy? The police raided this place and arrested the owners because the staff sat at the same tables as customers? Someone kill me, will ya?

Yes, I know that there is "something behind girls sitting at a table with customers" (meaning prostitution). But so what? If some guy wants to pay some girl some money to pull his yang, why should you or I care?

Do you realize how much money it costs to plan and raid one of these places with a dozen police and arrest people? For what? For sitting at tables!?

When, oh when will people wake up and put a stop to this? This is a victimless crime. Hell, it's not even a crime. What is the problem with the waitresses sitting at the table with the customers and talking fer Chrissakes? If anything the bar owner should be mad for his staff sitting on their duffs and not doing any work and drinking the profits.

Sexy Japanese AV star Asami Tada was a founder of one of the clubs

I feel like a broken record: We are nearly bankrupt. Our national debt is over 299% of GDP and the idiot police are out chasing skirts.

What a bunch of jerks. You know that these police are getting their jollies by intentionally targeting these places because they want to see these adult video actresses! Hell, I do and you do too! That's why I wrote this post and that's why you clicked the link to read it. But we don't act like we're looking at these girls because we think it is bad or because of "research" (unless, of course, our wives catch us viewing!... Chuckle!)... 

The cops actually spending time and tax money planning and executing arrests and raids like this is complete and total madness. Like I said, if some guy wants to pay some girl some money to do him "a favor," do you care? On a different level, does making it a crime stop the behavior? No it doesn't.

The government legislating morality is just pointless, nonsense and a waste of tax money (yours and mine)

This isn't even prostitution! But that is the inferred suggestion here is that the police are stopping prostitution before it can happen. What a crock of BS!

We don't need laws against victimless crimes like prostitution, gambling, drugs and we especially don't need laws against waitresses sitting at table with customers. If I run an establishment I think it is my right to decide whether or not my staff are allowed to sit with customers or not.

This is a good example how laws on morality twist common sense and logic:

I certainly shouldn't be raided because my staff are not running around waiting on ten tables at once or taking orders. Those girls are doing what they were hired to do. It's their job... You know, as in "gainful employment." Like contributing to the economy of society rather than the cops who are tax feeders and obstructing business?

If the girls aren't doing their jobs, it's the duty of the manager to make them do their jobs. As a taxpayer I certainly shouldn't be paying the police to stop it.

What next? Police raids on Denny's for staff who are goofing off and aren't doing their jobs?

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Anonymous said...

So these girls were "sitting down" on the job, eh? Sounds like a capital offence!

Probably some dude using his "pull" to stomp on the competition. I'd be willing to bet oooh a thousand yen that most of the police involved think it's a waste of time, too (unless they get to ogle the staff).

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