Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hooters Tokyo? Lame!

I wrote before about how lame Hooters in Tokyo was probably going to be...

Well, from what I've seen, it does look pretty second rate. Here's proof.

Japan already has all sorts of sex related businesses (from straight to the most sordid that you - or I - can probably imagine!)...

I figured that a place like Hooters in Tokyo would be lame... No, make that LAME! Who needs a sex-themed "Denny's" sort of family restaurant? Is this the best that they could do?

Here's the video:

God! Is this ever second-rate! Couldn't these clowns at least afford to pay for professional camera and editing?

Also, is it just me or do I see empty tables (on opening day, no less) and bored faces (especially on the girls who are dancing)? This place just doesn't seem to be the buzzing wild bash that I'd expect from an opening party...

Hooters in Tokyo? Lame! (Notice at the start of the video that they even spell "Hooters" wrong. They spell it as "Hoters"... Laughable...)

This gets a massive FAIL! 


Andy "In Japan" said...

Horrible..what an shameful excuse for an export. Even more amazing is that some Americans would travel half way around the world to visit here, and the go to eat at Hooters. Proud to be an Ex-Pat.

Anonymous said...

I'll agree Hooters sucks, but why do you care so much?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous shows us just how stupid most a*hole foreigners are in Japan who have a chip on their shoulder...Hello!? This is a BLOG! Guys like Mike write it because THEY EED TO HAVE CONTENT EVERYDAY.

Get a fricking life, moron!

Rik. L. Frank