Sunday, October 3, 2010

Japan's Toyota Still Shines in Local Dealerships

With all the problems that Japan is currently experiencing with the Chinese, the economy, the rising yen, there are still some things that, right in my own backyard, make me glad to live in Japan and make me never want to leave.

They also make me believe that Japan, with all its warts, still is a great country and, while our economic problems are huge, there's still a good chance for this country to rise and shine again.

Take my trip to the Toyota dealer today.

Toyota Corolla Dealership in Yoga, Setagaya, Tokyo

My automobile's right rear lock has been acting up recently so I've decided to get it fixed. What a world of difference it is going to a Japanese car dealer as opposed to a dealer in the USA.

The Japanese dealerships are all spotless and clean. There is a placard at the front that shows you the names and faces of every single staff member working at that dealership.

I drove into the parking lot of the Toyota dealer in Yoga in Setagaya and within 15 seconds, there were two cleanly uniformed Toyota representatives bowing to me as I got out of my car. I explained the situation to them and they told me to have a seat in the main showroom.

There, at the showroom, I was given a refreshment menu and asked what kind of drink I'd like. I ordered coffee and was given a hot cup of coffee and two small sweet cookies compliments of the dealership.

Don't tell my wife this, but he toilets are probably cleaner than the toilet at home! And there are places for young children to play while mom and dad talk to the servicemen or the salesmen.


From the prompt, courteous service you receive upon immediately entering the premises, to the hospitality and amenities, you can tell that these people take pride in their work and their company.

Play area for tykes

This sort of thing is what made Japan great. The Japanese take pride in what they do. They take so much pride in it that they put their family names on their companies! That's why I think for now, and for the future, names like Toyota, Honda, Sony, Mitsubishi and many more - the family names - will fairly represent the best of Japan - the pride of Japan - and that is a pride and a best that has much more to come!

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Andy "In Japan" said...

Mike, the superiority in car buying experience in Japan goes far beyond the politeness, appearance, and amenities. In America, the sales tactics are aggressive and unpleasant so the average person often gets taken advantage of. Pushy salespeople, *needing* to talk to the sales manager in the back while the customer waits, pushing hard for junk fees at financing or for insurance against stains or rust, lying about the guy who was here earlier today and was going to buy the car you are looking at and its the last one we could ever get. My wife and I experienced none of this nonsense when buying a car in Japan, but it is all so typical in America. The sales and marketing tactics in Japan are pleasant and buyer friendly. No one feels abused when they drive off the lot.

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