Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Proof! Chinese "Anti-Japanese" Protests Are Really About Problems in China

As stated in an earlier blog the Chinese government allows the "Anti-Japanese" protests (they approve of all political gatherings) because it serves a political purpose for the government.

If they can have the people protesting some side show problem like islands and fishing thousands of kilometers away, then that takes the people's minds off of the true problems in China today like inflation, no jobs and government corruption.

Now, after some of the demonstrations have been starting to go after those true issues, the Chinese government says that they want these "Anti-Japanese" demonstrations to stop. Interesting timing.

The fact of the matter is that they don't care about the "Anti-Japanese" demonstrations, in fact, they encourage them. The Chinese government doesn't like how these demonstrations are evolving into "Anti-Chinese" government demonstrations.

It's sort of like the Islam hysteria in the USA... Everyone needs a boogeyman.

Even the western media is buying into this "Anti-Japanese" spin effort put out by the Chinese government.

As Breitbart reports:

About 200 people staged fresh anti-Japanese protests in the southwestern Chinese city of Chongqing on Tuesday as the Chinese government sought to rein in the outburst of patriotism from getting out of hands. Anti-Japanese sentiments triggered by a diplomatic row over a remote chain of disputed islands in the East China Sea last month have led to waves of protests in various Chinese cities in response to calls made on the Internet. Police in Chongqing, the largest city in Sichuan Province, stepped up security as protesters gathered in the latest anti-Japanese rally in the Chinese inland. 

The problem with many of these western reports is that the English speaking press must rely on Chinese government interpretation of what is going on. If you can read some Chinese kanji, you can see in this next video that there are many people demonstrating against government corruption, unemployment and inflation.

The Breitbart report must be just some regurgitation of a Chinese government approved press release.

The proof lies here in this Japanese news video. The red banners are, for sure, about the islands and Anti-Japanese... It's the blue and green banners that the police do not want shown on TV that are protesting the government and China's social ills.

Watch video:


Ira Hata said...

Way to expose the truth, Mike. Knowledge is power. Thanks for empowering the readers!


Jeffrey said...

While it may very well be the case that the Chinese government is "allowing" these protests as a way for the disgruntled masses to blow off some steam, I'd hardly be using Breitbart as my source on this as he has been exposed as a serial liar.

Anonymous said...

The Breitbart report came via Kyodo News

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