Friday, October 15, 2010

Free Saturday Outing Courtesy of Japan Racing Association & InterFM

It's not often when you can get a free trip and a "one-day vacation" with your friends in Japan. But the Japan Racing Association with 76.1 InterFM is offering just that for a few lucky winners! On Saturday, October 23, 2010, you and your friends can win free transportation and return from Shibuya or Shinjuku to the Saudi Arabia Cup at JRA Fuchu Racecourse in Fuchu, Tokyo! 

Not only free transportation you get free champagne too! AND free tips on betting in English!

Fuchu Racecourse 

I have been to Fuchu racecourse at least 4 dozen times and let me tell you that this is a beautiful course that has recently been splendidly renovated. It's a wonderful day that is very economical compared to a day at most Tokyo recreation/entertainment sights.

Horse racing is fun!

I checked this out last night at InterFM and here's the deal:

All you have to do is go to signup! Each of your friends need to signup too! go to: jra@interfm and write "THE DAY AT THE RACES" in the subject line.

You'll also need to provide your name, address, age, occupation and nationality to win. Of course, minors are not allowed.

The horse races are a blast and you get to go for free and free transportation? 

Now THAT'S a great deal! 

Here's the itinerary for Saturday, October 23, 2010:

11:00 am Depart Shinjuku or Shibuya Station on a tour bus
12:00 Arrive at JRA Tokyo Racecourse

Welcome champagne, lunch, facility tour, betting tips, etc.

Win at the horses! 

Photo session
18:00 Back to central Tokyo


Anonymous said...

Wow! Something free in Tokyo? Mike, what's the catch?

mikeintokyorogers said...

No, really... There is no catch! JRA just wants people to come and enjoy the experience of horse racing and they are providing the buses and everything!!!!

This saves A LOT of headache and money for people who want to go there!

What more could you want then to have your own personal coach taking you to the front door of the races?

Heck, if you win a bunch of money, you can afford a limo home! ;)

Anonymous said...

If they also gave us some bettin' money, I'd go for it. There's no guarantee that you'll win, right? You can lose more than the cost of the bus ride and champagne which is what they're countin' on...

mikeintokyorogers said...

Just like any gamblin', you'd be a fool to bet too much.

A few hundred yen each race and a day at the races is a pretty inexpensive way to spend a Saturday in Tokyo! Heck of a lot cheaper than Disneyland!


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