Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Best Raw Fish Restaurant in Futakotamagawa: Isomaru Suisan

Futakotamagawa on the Denen Toshi line (about 10 minutes from Shibuya) is famous for Takashimaya Department store and for having many good upscale restaurants.

It's true that Takashimaya Department store is there and it is true that there are many upscale restaurants. "Good" is where the problem comes in. There aren't that many good restaurants.

Isomaru Suisan
Not good for a date... Just great food. The best fish in Futakotamagawa? Yes.

I've been to just about every restaurant in the area and "good" is not a word I would use to describe them. "Expensive and just OK" is more like it. I think "good" means delicious and cheap. If they are expensive then they should be delicious. Unfortunately, most restaurants in the area do fit that description; "Expensive and just OK." Fact of the matter is that the restaurants in the area are, for the most part, a huge let down.

We have a great Yaki Niku (Korean BBQ meat), two good ramen shops and an excellent Yaki Tori (BBQ chicken) in the area. But now, finally, we have a great raw fish restaurant.

The restaurant is called Isomaru Suisan and it looks like a hole in the wall restaurant like the ones you'd see in the famous fish market area Tsukiji in Tokyo.

Don't even bother going to Isomaru Suisan after 12 noon to 1 pm on a weekday; the lines of people wanting to get in are amazing.

No wonder. For ¥490 you get a delicious bowl of rice with super-fresh Maguro (raw tuna) on it and tea. It is a super deal!

The food is made fresh right there in front of you so you know the place is super clean and the food is amazingly fresh.

"Don" a bowl of rice with your choice of fresh fish on top. All for under ¥600!

I highly recommend Isomaru Suisan. 5 stars for great food for a super cheap price!

Here is a map to the restaurant:

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Ira Hata said...

Excellent, Mike!

There are tons of "one coin" (500 yen or less) lunches being offered all over Tokyo these days but very few offer fresh sashimi.

I'm going to check it out before my next business.

Thanks, dude!


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