Sunday, October 3, 2010

Worse than Godzilla! Japanese Stink Bugs Invading the USA!

Of course we have stink bugs in Japan and I've even caught them before. I didn't really noticed them stinking so bad but I don't usually run around smelling bugs too closely. Do you?

Now, I found this very strange article about how Japanese and East Asian stink bugs are infesting the United States and taking over. Weird!

From Yahoo! Associated Content:

The Stink Bug is really are not a bad looking bug with their intricate patterns in their shields, which is what their back has the appearance of. Once in the house they move slowly, so they are easy to catch. Stepping on them only releases a horrendous smell which tends to hang in there for a while. The smell can stay on the surface they were crushed on for a long time.

The smell of a Stink Bug has been described as a rancid almond smell and it is given off to ward off predators. It is also used as a homing device when needing to find shelter for the following year, like marking a territory. Once in your house if you do not catch them, they will hibernate. Stink Bugs are small so there are many places for them hide without being noticed.  

Watch out for the next generation of stinking Japanese monster movies

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