Friday, October 8, 2010

Help for Lost Tourists in Tokyo!

Finally! Lost tourists at the train stations might get a break! 

With the opening of an international terminal at Tokyo's Haneda airport later this month, railways are planning to set up information centers for foreign visitors in their new train stations with access to the facility. Keihin Electric Express Railway Co., or the Keikyu Line, said Wednesday it will open a tourist information booth staffed by concierges skilled in English, Chinese and Korean at its station starting Oct. 21.  

I often see these people with maps hopelessly lost and try to lend them a hand. It will be nice to see more visibility in information booths.

1 comment:

Andy "In Japan" said...

In July, at Narita, I was wandering aimlessly in Terminal 1 looking for a shipping company. An older, friendly Japanese man who was working at the airport saw me (confused gaijin) holding a terminal map and volunteered to direct me (in Engrish) to correct prace. Not sure if he was an employee or volunteer. The nice gals at the train ticket booth also spoke enough Engrish as well, so my pigeon Japanese was enough to get the right train ticket and find the platform. 100% guaranteed, a lost Japanese person at an airport in America would not find any help at all. None.

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