Monday, October 4, 2010

Emperor of Japan and the Train Geeks

Yahoo Japan reports that the Emperor of Japan and his wife rode the Japan Railways Train for the first time in two years on the 26th of September.

Trust that in this very enigmatic and ancient country (and sometimes quite often totally bizarro), this is a big deal. You wouldn't think of the Emperor and Empress of Japan along the lines of a huge star like Michael Jackson and such, but, in Japan, they are. Throngs go out to see them wherever they go.

Imperial Train arrives

But that's not the bizarre part.

The bizarre part is the "Tetsudo Otaku" or "Train Geeks." That's right. The "Train Geeks." These are the guys whose hobby is to photograph the various Japanese train lines from millions of different angles and post them on their internet sites. Here's one example. The Train Geeks are hard core fans of rare and unusual trains. Trust that there is no more rare and unusual train in Japan than the one that the Emperor and Empress travel on. The reason being is that this train rarely leaves the roundhouse on tours these days. Also, as one geek wrote, "The train was so shiny! It's was polished on all sides like mirrors. There wasn't a speck of dust!"

Jeepers! Golly! Wow!

In the old days, this train traveled the rails often. But in recent years, due to over-crowding, the regular train rails are filled to capacity and the royal pair often take a train.

They have also, god forbid, had to ride the regular trains too... But, unlike someone like Michael Jackson, they would get an entire car to themselves (Michael Jackson and such would never ride the trains with regular riff raff like you and me). So, when the Emperor and Empress of Japan get on a train at, say, Shibuya station it is a big deal with security and police out in the thousands.

So, now the Geek news in Japan is when and where the imperial couple will ride the train next...

Not only do the regular Japanese want to see the imperial couple, but the Train Geeks want to get that special photo to place on their own website.

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