Thursday, October 28, 2010

Zombies in Japan?

This makes three days in a row that I've read something strange about Zombies.

Look at this from Weird Asia News:

As an island nation with the world's highest cremation rate, Japan looks like the ideal spot to ride out a global zombie pandemic, but one expert on the undead says this assumption is dangerously mistaken. Matt Mogk, Zombie Research Society (ZRS) founder and head researcher, believes Japan would be no safer than other countries in the event of a zombie outbreak and could be even more dangerous. Japan's tight border control, which last month denied entry to Paris Hilton, would offer some protection against hordes of rotting corpses brought back to life, but only provided the outbreak starts outside of Japan.

The article goes on with even more silliness:

“If the zombie sickness has a long incubation period, hundreds of millions of people could be infected for years, or even decades, without knowing,” said Mogk, who has been sinking his teeth into all things zombie for most of his life. “All we would need is the right trigger to launch an instant zombie pandemic everywhere at once. Japan would not be protected.”

ZRS, a non-profit organization with local chapters on six continents and in Japan, believes a zombie pandemic is not a matter of if, but a matter of when. And Mogk surmises the situation would be particularly bleak if “Z-Day” kicks off in Japan.

Aha! "Z-Day!" I think I've found the key to this. Please clue me in if you know, but now I'm guessing that this Zombie nonsense and this "Z-Day" is some sort of Halloween or Hollywood movie promotion.

Interesting concept. Who knows anymore just how to break into the market? I reckon this sort of weird news might be one effective, and fun, tool!

...........Er, I hope this is a merely a promotion!

Thanks to News on Japan

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