Wednesday, October 27, 2010

3D TV Without Glasses Invented in Japan! Brain Damage!

From the "You've got to be kidding me" files...

Japanese company Toshiba has announced that they've come out with a 3D TV that doesn't require 3D glasses. The only problem is that, with this new TV, in order to see 3D, you have to have the TV set almost on top of you.

AP reports:

Toshiba describes the TVs as being for "personal use." Whether consumers embrace the new TVs remains to be seen. Many might be put off by the fact they'll have to be very close to the screen for the 3-D effect to really work not to mention the steep price tag.

Electronics and entertainment companies around the world are banking on 3-D to fuel a new boom in TV, movies and games. Most 3-D TVs on the market today rely on glasses to rapidly deliver separate images to each eye, which creates a sense of three-dimensional depth.
Toshiba will offer two sizes -- 12 inches and 20 inches -- designed for personal use. The technology isn't advanced enough yet to integrate into larger screens. Suggested viewing distance for the 20-inch model is 90 centimeters (35.4 inches) and 65 centimeters (25.6 inches) for the 12-inch size.

Thirty five inches is REALLY close. Twenty five is on your lap! Talk about having a headache after 20 minutes! 

The headaches don't stop there as, after you've bought the thing and taken it home, you realize that you've paid out the ass for the same-old crappy Japanese TV - AND you need to buy lots of extra aspirin! 

These TV's cost about 120,000 yen ($1,400), and the larger ones will be about $2,800. Uh, almost $3,000 bucks for a TV so that I can watch crappy TV shows about eating ramen? No, thanks. 

Plus, geeky guys, I'm sure that buying one of these will make you really popular with the girls and a real fun date!

Not only that, but  Korean 3D TV maker Samsung has issued a detailed warning about the dangers of watching its 3D televisions! They say that 3D TV technology can give viewers epileptic seizures and strokes. I know the feeling!

From TG Daily about 3D TV watching:
It adds that it's particularly dangerous if you've been drinking alcohol - although surely only the most reckless alcoholic would ever want to drink a beer while watching a movie.

What!? No watching TV if you've been drinking? OK... Well, I can see enforcing that rule for my six-year-old... But for me? No way.

The article continues:
And you should stop watching immediately if you experience confusion or nausea, says Samsung - so we'd better hope a 3D version of Valentine's Day, for example, isn't in the pipeline.
Possible symptoms include eye or muscle twitching, convulsions, motion sickness and disorientation.

Obviously these people who wrote this haven't had the torture of watching Japanese games shows and cooking programs.
"Parents should monitor and ask their children about the above symptoms as children and teenagers may be more likely to experience these symptoms than adults," says the warning.
If the parents were really doing their jobs, they wouldn't have a TV set at all in the house. I've written about that many times before, here and here

TV is brain damage for children; 3D or not. Only stupid parents would abuse their kids with this mind-numbing crap.

Remember how well Dolby did? No? That's right. This is a good example of how well these non-glasses 3D TV will (well, any 3D TV) when 90% of the programs are not shot in 3D.

This idea is a "FAIL!"


Andy "In Japan" said...

Before condemning the idea of 3D for general audiences, it might be prudent to consider its application and popularity in the pornography market. Not that I, er ah, ever looked at any of that disgusting porn stuff. Just saying that what seems like a sure fail for general audiences may be a big win for porn, which may provide inroads into the general market in later years.

mike in tokyo rogers said...

God, Andy... I must be so stupid that I didn't understand what "for personal use" meant.

Yep! I'm in line to buy one of these!

Ira Hata said...


As you know I work closely with many well known Japanese companies, Toshiba being one of them.

If you haven't personally checked out their 3D solution, it's neither fair or professional to bash it.

It's like saying hot dogs tastes like shit without ever eating one and, even if it does to you, it doesn't mean that it tastes that way for everyone else.

Please try to be fair when writing about companies, especially those that are trying to make difference.


RYO said...

hello mike-san
i think 3D is for hollywood type entertainment only. not for everyday tv watching,
why would anyone want to watch NHK special with 3D right? I went to SEATEK to see non-glass 3D from TOSHIBA however waiting line was over 2 hours waiting... so I didn't watch.
but from the person who watch TOSHIBA 3D it was nothing consider comparing to glass 3D.
so i hope my family business still have some time left ;)

Anonymous said...

I don't see where Mr. Ira has a point at all. It is obvious the writer is criticizing TV content not TV sets - though, I'd agree that having to watch a a TV a mere 24 inches from your face will destroy your vision. (My dad is an optometrist).


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