Saturday, October 9, 2010

Japanese Precision Walking

Now here's a very strange one. It's a competition for precision walking. Yes, you read correctly; a competition for precision walking.

Now, one wouldn't normally think this would be a big deal. I didn't. Until I saw that this video has over 2.2 million views on YouTube! Watch this. It starts out slow, but gets pretty amazing really quickly. You'll say "Wow!" also.

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Marc Abela said...

Amazing indeed. But forces me to raise questions I usually don't like asking myself also in somewhat of a weird way. Why does Japan bother and seem to care so much to walk back and repeat all the mistakes (academic, social, economic, etc) of North Korea and China - just beats me. Not sure the above qualifies as a good step in the right direction - whatever matrix I use. Not sure I would not want to see my son to join this kind of stuff. But then again the whole thing is indeed artistic in a very beautiful and awkward way. Ahhh.

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