Sunday, October 24, 2010

Scratch and Sniff TV Soon to be Reality in Japan

Have you ever been to a Scratch and Sniff movie? I have. The first I ever went to was a John Waters movie called Polyester that was released in 1981. Polyester was said to have been filmed in "Odorama."

When one bought their ticket to Polyester, they were given a Scratch card with ten numbers. While the movie played, numbers would flash on the screen and that would be your cue to scratch off the numbers and sniff.

Scratch and sniff card from Polyester

Some of the smells were nice. Some were very rude.

I also remember in the very early days of the Internet, some sites claimed to be scratch and sniff. They'd put a spot on their web page and instruct you to scratch the spot to smell the aroma.... Heck, I couldn't figure out why my monitor didn't allow me to smell the smells. I figured it was because I was a cheapskate and always buying the cheapest monitors.

Of course, there was no Scratch and Sniff Internet! It was all a scam!

But, now, it looks like Japanese manufacturers really have made Scratch and Sniff TV!

Ok, well, not exactly "Scratch and Sniff" TV.

UPI reports:

Japanese researchers say they've figured out how to involve television viewers' sense of smell in a viewing experience, suggesting smell-o-vision may be coming.

The ability to smell the fragrances and odors associated with what we see on the television or movie screen has been pursued by inventors for decades, but no one has ever managed to perfect a technique.

Now scientists at Keio University in Tokyo think they have figured it out, ABC News reported Thursday.
Using regular home computer printers and replacing the ink with various scented liquids, they then forced the scents through the ink jets in various combinations and came up with hints of multiple aromas, including grapefruit, lavender and cinnamon.

The Keio University researchers say they have a lot more work to do before their version of "smell-o-vision" is perfected, but someday what the actors on a television show say they smell, you might smell.

Oh well, after reading this, I'm not too enthused. I mean, consider how outrageously overpriced printer ink cartridges are already! What's going to happen to the price when they add "Chanel Number 5"? 

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Anonymous said...

What a stupid idea. I wouldn't use it if they paid me to...

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