Monday, October 25, 2010

Which is more "Rock and Roll," Denny's or Hard Rock Cafe?

The pop up ad for the Hard Rock Cafe says:

Hard Rock
Rock 'n' Roll Fun For The Whole Family-Legendary Burgers and Bands.

Isn't that just totally lame? "Rock and Roll fun for the whole family!?" What ever happened to Rock and Roll being dangerous music?

Which is more "Rock and Roll," Denny's or Hard Rock Cafe? You decide.

The last interesting thing that ever happened in Rock music was the Punk movement of the late 1970's; even that was a flash in the pan. Rock music is boring.

At least they admitted that they were bored

No wonder kids today don't care about it. Rock is pretentious, boring, and for old people.

Like the quote by the one and only Joe Sobran in a recent blog:

"Sometime in the Sixties rockers began posing as disgruntled artists, mad at the world and all that; in the Nineties AND TODAY this pose remains a rigid convention of a highly artificial genre that pretends to smash conventions and refuses to admit it’s artificial at all."

That someplace like the Hard Rock Cafe would advertise itself as "Fun for the Whole Family" just shows how lame and totally uncool it is. 

Call the Hard Rock Cafe the, "Denny's of Rock Cafes" 


Anonymous said...

At least their burgers are better than Denny's...

Anonymous said...

Score one for Hard Rock... Piss!

Jeffrey said...

The Hard Rock Cafe peaked in the late '80s, at least the one in Roppongi did. It had to have some cache as I never failed to see a band or actor there whenever I visited.

Now, it's just an American-style (odd since is started in London) chain restaurant with rock and roll theme.

Rock and roll is not boring (nor dead) because there is no one artist or song that you can put your finger on and say THIS! is rock and roll and everything else isn't.

Anonymous said...

Rock and roll is a pretty big genre with lots of sub-types and ages. Are you talking about the entire genre or just some sub-type such as metal? And if let say metal are you thinking 80s hairband type or all metal from the 70s to now? You do realize that pretty much any style that uses an electric guitar is some form of rock.

Granted grandpa probably listened to rock but then so do the majority of teenagers today as rock encompasses most bands today from pop to edgier stuff such as death metal and modern punk. As for Hard Rock's marketing strategy that is a different issue.

BTW, I hate to ask but what is considered "dangerous" music to you? Hip-hop? That and country are the only real competition to rock. Considering your condescending attitude to rock; I'm sure you see country as southern hick music, which just leaves hip-hop. Yeah those guys are just so dangerous with their b!#ches, drugs, guns, and money while at the same time raking it in via the establishment. Hmm, minus the guns (for the most part), I've pretty much just described most rock bands.

mike in tokyo rogers said...

"while at the same time raking it in via the establishment. Hmm, minus the guns (for the most part), I've pretty much just described most rock bands."


Anonymous said...


got to testify here: Have to vote, denny`s! it is more Rock & Roll based on the late night disturbed, obnoxious, `tude centered late night crowds that profile after "the gig" in Koenji, Shibuya, West Holly-rock-wood, gosh even the left-over(s) Seattle scene from early 90`s (no no no to not nirvana, ne?) still lives here or any other locale where one can find such fine dining .....ummm, denial at the bottom of the big rock, named, Denny`s.

This is only my humble opinion after many years of late night watching the Rockers Rock Fried Faces with a plate of same name. All night whilst talking about big things like, MR BIG....

Bottom Lines at the darkest Denny`s one can find in town: It Rocks 24/7! In Japan at least you can have udon with fried (tired) faces -- is that rocky?

Rock = same tune, too long = death to fries whilst rockin` out late-night. Denny`s will be in a crisis due to the true rocker unable to rock the fries late night.... extinction.

We now have denny`s for hippity hop-ers.
The ( hippest) hop late night burger with natto as a side the only solution?

mike in tokyo rogers said...

Thanks Anonymous. Cool. Yeah. I had always thought that Denny's reminded me of a 1950's diner whereas Hard Rock Cafe reminds me of corporate rock... You know, you got to think a "Rock" place is dodgy when they have, say, signed pictures of Journey or Foreigner on the walls.

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