Rock Music is Absurd

This has nothing to do with Japan excepting that I sent an e-mail to many of my friends the other day stating;

"Sometime in the Sixties rockers began posing as disgruntled artists, mad at the world and all that; in the Nineties AND TODAY this pose remains a rigid convention of a highly artificial genre that pretends to smash conventions and refuses to admit it’s artificial at all."

This was a quote from an article by Joe Sobran that is perfectly on the mark. The article in question talked about how rock music was pretentious as hell and had lost it's purity in the 1950's as everything it ever could do was already explored by 50's artists.

Unfortunately he was right.

Rock's last gasp was the Punk boom of the 1970's.... But that doesn't matter anymore. Rock music is boring today.  

Just to show you how totally pretentious and ridiculous today's rock musicians seem, here's a famous video by the Rolling Stones. It's a big hit called "Start Me Up"

Now, watch this video to see just how ridiculous Mick Jagger and these poseurs look:


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