Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Europeans Flocking to Sushi Schools in Japan

Reuters reports that many Europeans are heading to sushi schools in Japan to learn the fine art of sushi. I wish them good luck.

Call me old fashioned though, but, in spite of the political correctness that we have been bombarded with over these last thirty years, when I go into a Japanese restaurant, I want to see a Japanese waiter, waitress or chef. It's the same as when I go to a Mexican, Italian, Chinese, what-have-you restaurant.

Hell, some of my best friends have blonde hair. But when I go to a Japanese restaurant, I do not want them to be my waiter... The experience of going out; the entire affair - the escape - is half of what anyone pays for. When I'm paying a hundred dollars to go to a Japanese restaurant, then I want to go to Japan! If I want to go to McDonalds and see diversity... Then I will go to McDonalds!

Remember that half the joy of going out to eat is in the experience. When I go to eat sushi (especially if I am paying such high prices) I do not want to see a blonde sushi chef or a hispanic or black waitress.

It would be the same if I went to eat Soul Food; I want to be greeted and served by the real thing.

Yes. It sounds racist. But I doubt that I am alone.

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