Japanese Robot Wrestling

Here is a very cool (and exciting video). It's Japanese robot wrestling. When you watch the video try to pick a robot that you like. This is a video of a "Round-Robin" competition and each robot fights each other at least once.

Some of the bouts are pretty funny.

From Gamma Squad:

Another Robo-One event was held at the Robotech exhibition in Tokyo last week, pitting bipedal, humanoid robots against one another.  As we learned last time we covered this event, “The ultimate aim is to create a robot that could fight a human.”  Yeah, great goal, guys.  Good luck with that.

There wasn’t a pugnacious chicken this time, but they did have a robot with wooden shoes and a trucker hat. (Danish douchebot?)  The video is below, and the good news is (spoiler alert) the one in the trucker hat mostly got its ass handed to it.


Anonymous said…
For a little robot, that Chrome Kid really kicks ass!

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