Kegawa No Maries - Japan's Best Band?

I think Kegawa No Maries are one of Japan's best bands today...

Of course, since they are good, they will get almost zero airplay.

This is a song called "Good Morning Mika"

This one is called, "Bonnie & Clyde Are Dreaming Tonight"

They were guests on George Williams and Taro Furukawa's Bam!


Andy "In Japan" said…
Excellent sound..please post some more if you can Mike-san. Too bad the Japanese Al Jolsen routine in black face would be banned in Amerika for being racist. Cool music AND a cool look. Thanks for sharing this.
Andy "In Japan" said… your new photo with the red glasses hip for a near senior citizen! :)
Andy, I just added, "Bonnie & Clyde Are in My Dreams Tonight" for you
ryanmarks said…
just found this website googling for kegawa's stuff here! i wish more japanese people were aware of the stuff beyond AKB and Perfume (though I love them too)...quality bands like kegawa, sakanaction, rin toshite shigure just don't enough attention, i feel.
Hey Ryanmarks...Check this band too! Moja:

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