My Google Blog is Attacked and Google Says It's My Fault!!!???

Now I'm pissed off.

Last night, my best friend Ira Hata informed me that there was some sort of Malware on this blog. Later I find out that Google had informed me that someone was distributing Malware from my blog.

Here is a screen capture:

To add insult to injury, Google said that I had to "contact my server and block my web page from being viewed by other people so as to not infect other computers." What a load of crap.

This blog is run at Google under Google Blogger. I have no access to the back door of this page. All I do is blog using a template. Why in the hell is it my responsibility to make sure that this service is not virus infected or stuck full of malware?

Hell, if those idiots at Google do not take care of this... I'm out.

Well, hallelujah! They take care of it but not until I send them VERY pissed off e-mails.

Shit! Why do this crap if these clowns are not going to do there fricking jobs?


Ira Hata said…
Mike, please do it for the readers who follow your blog (like me)...


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