Just for Laughs in Japan? Funny Videos That You'd Watch?

I told my dear friend, George Williams over at the www.georgewilliams.jp website to introduce the Just for Laugh website to the Japanese public. I hope he does but am not sure that he will... I would do it but this blog is about Japan, Media and Marketing so I'd like to keep it that way, even though I often variate off course.

Nevertheless, I thought about making my own "Just for Laughs" Japan style as I do own a TV and radio production company and do make videos..... Hmmmm? Maybe it's a nice idea for a hobby! It would have to be a hobby as I can't see how to make money doing it.

Here's three funny videos that fit the the "Just for Laughs" format that I thought you'd enjoy!

I like them. What do you think? 

What do you think? Should I try to do this in Japan? Can I make an interesting show that you'd watch?


Andrew Joseph said…
That first video is a Just For Laughs classic! I saw it again a couple of days ago, and it still blows me away at how smooth they are during the exchange.
I was never sure if they were Japanese or Chinese, which was why I never posted it on my blog. The older gent with the beard just looked Chinese to me.
Also... the Just For Laughs show is filmed in Montreal, where there is a huge Chinese population.
Unless... you and your buddy know different?
I have no idea if you can make money from this, but conceptually, it's very funny. The Japanese are great sports when it comes to being the brunt of a joke, and they sure as hell can dish it out.
To make it work, it will need to involve some sort of food angle. And perhaps a sexy, scantily dressed woman, a foreigner of any nationality, and a food angle. I know I said that twice, but Japan has a lot of programs on TV that involve food.
I watch Just for Laughs quite often.
Jimbo said…
HAHA! The old "Emu-in-the-bathroom" gag.

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