Thursday, April 5, 2012

Al Gore Admits that Man-Made Global Warming is a Farce

Al Gore fears rising oceans so much he buys $9 million dollar beach house right on the ocean front.

Maybe he wants to keep an eye on the rising tides from his living room?

They say that "Words mean nothing. Actions speak louder than words."

There's also an old saying that goes, "Having a jawbone is one thing. Having a backbone is another."

Or how about, "Put your money where your mouth is."

They also say that "Money talks. Bullsh*t walks."

From Zerohedge: Follow A-Gore's Example (it's really going to be all right!):

Did you see the news that al-Gore purchased a $9M seaside mansion on the California coast?  Here is a great opportunity for us to look through the fog of his "watermelon" rhetoric and glimpse the heartfelt perceptions of one of our most brilliant politicians!  There is just so much here to dig into.
Next we need to consider the issue of ocean front property.  We all have been told that the sea level is going to rise or fall.  We all have been told the climate will become more dangerous particularly along the coastlines. Yet here is al-Gore plunking down $9M greenbacks on an ocean side house.  Now I must concede that the house is on a bluff so that a rising sea level might not be as great a concern.   Still we must reconsider our fear that the coasts will be ravaged.
Accept the stunning implication that al-Gore (the visionary) is a Steady Stater at heart!

Well, if actions speak louder than words and all of these very old saying hold true, like they usually do (that's why they are old sayings), Al Gore has just proven to us all that all his blather about man-made global warming was all a scam.

Ten years ago Al Gore was telling us that by now the coastlines would be sinking as the water levels rise as the glaciers disappeared by 2030 and melted into the oceans

Now, that wonderful optimist! Now, he spends $9 million dollars of his own money on beachfront property that is going to be swallowed up by the rising tides. What a hero!

Thanks Al for all you do and your sacrifices for the human race... 


Anonymous said...

Turns out, his house is on a hill overlooking the ocean, not beach front. By the time the water level reaches his door, Florida will be history.

Anonymous said...

You found a way to defend the ultimate liar, congratulations.


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