Sunday, April 29, 2012

Groupie Accidentally Sleeps With Bass Player! Shocking But True Story! Mistakes Bassist for "Someone important!

The headlines read:

Groupie Accidentally Sleeps With Bass Player! Shocking But True Story! Mistakes Bassist for "Someone important!"

Ha! Ha! Ha! Trust me folks, the most troublesome (and disposable) members of any rock band are the bassist and/or drummer. I'm not sure which is worse. 

Sure there have been freaks of nature like Keith Moon (drummer for the Who) and guys who idiots who like rock music think are good bassists like John Paul Jones (I mean, how difficult could it be to play the bass anyway? There's only four strings!), but actually, bass players and drummers all suck and are as expendable as nail clippers on a one-night stand... Guitarists and singers... Do yourselves a favor and get a machine... Lots less trouble!

Not exactly "Miss Suzie Homemaker"... What a waste of good steak for a bass player!

To prove my point, here's an article that I just came across from Louisville, Kentucky: Groupie Accidentally Sleeps With Bass Player.... God! And I thought bass players were low life. This just proves it!

Caveat Emptor! Ladies, one of these guys in the photo below is a lowly bassist... One other is a drummer... It's a 40% chance you could come up Snake Eyes and a BIG loser! But then again, is the keyboardist any better?

Me thinkest not!

(The guy on the far left is the bassist - of course. 
He's the short, stupid-looking f*cker!)


Andrew Joseph said...

It's the drummer that no one wants to sleep with, but I agree... bass players - hah!
I love that Miss Jorgensen just did the guy for no other reason that he was in A band. It didn't matter to her, as long as it was someone important. There's a sad comment on society, or this woman.
She needs validation to prove she's good enough for someone important because not too long ago, someone told her she would never do anything important... and so she continues to try and 'do' someone important.
Buyer beware, indeed... whatever this woman has, it's probably contagious.
I never heard of The Academy. They aren't that important in my mind - which is probably why I haven't slept with the lead guitarist. The guitarist is a woman, right?

John said...

I ran this issue past a friend of mine who, back in the day, was a guitarist in a local rock band which attracted considerable 'interest' from the likes of Suzie Homemaker. One solution seems to have been that if a particular fan showed sufficient enthusiasm for the group's routine she would be gang-banged.

An imaginative solution that avoided any risk that she would accidentally sleep with the wrong musician. The bases (and bass) were, so to speak, well covered and all involved went home happy!

Anonymous said...

Intriguing. I started off a guitarist but nowadays spend quite a lot of time playing bass or drums because - for some weird reason - not many people can. Drummers and bassists will always be in demand. Yes, drums and bass are easier, which makes it even more mysterious. Non-musicians continue to belittle bass and drums, but these are people who can't even play guitar, so their opinions are valueless.

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