Sunday, April 8, 2012

Free Sunday Matinee: 1935 Japanese Classic Cartoon, "Why Sea Water is Salty"

Welcome back once again, to the free Sunday Matinee featuring Japanese movies! Today I'd like to show you an Animation of an adaptation of an old Japanese folk story called, 海の水はなぜ塩からい "Umi no mizu wa naze shio karai" (Why is Sea Water Salty?).

This cartoon was originally made in 1935 and is the story of two brothers and greed. Enjoy!

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Andrew Joseph said...

Oh my goodness, but that was one amazing cartoon! A pity there was no sound with it - US cartoon had long been in sync there... but I have to state, that the animation on this toon was beautiful. Comparable to the Black and white Popeye cartoons of the 1930s and not rivaled again until Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
I was so surprised when the mill popped out a palanquin... I thought it was a type of bread, he was asking for at first, as I do know what a real palanquin is - and it turned to be what I knew it to be! Wonderful!
I could see the ending of the cartoon coming a mile a way... but what was unexpected, was the cute fish warning others away from the danger. I was immediately struck by the thought of Fukushima, the gov't and the no-entry zone. Of course, salt mines are used to store nuclear waste...
Awesome, awesome cartoon.

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