Saturday, April 21, 2012

Photos of Japan's Top Sexy Actresses and Models for April 2012


(Well, if you work at Victoria's Secret Catalogue, they're safe. If you work at the Baptist Church on the corner, they are definitely not safe!!!)

Kawamura Yukie (川村 ゆきえ)

Yesterday I put up a blog about how women in Japan were having problems finding enough eligible men for dating and marriage. At dating events in Japan, that ratio of women to men at some of these big dating events is about 7 women for every three men attending the events. It's gotten so bad for male attendance that a big company that runs these sorts of dating services told me that they are allowing eligible men in for free!

Incredible! If you want to read more on that, please refer to Japan's Dating Services Extremely Short on Men?! - Prearranged Marriages Making a Comeback in Japan!?

Anyway, in that article I put a couple of photos of some awesome girls in there and the peanut gallery started to complain that they wanted to see more sexy Japanese girls. Well, who doesn't and who am I to deny?

Once again, these photos are for research purposes only and, as my good friend Mark Davis wrote, "Another good reason for young American men to move to Japan. It's nice of you to try and help out Japanese women by advertising their plight of not enough eligible men. Your public service is inspiring Mike."

Yes, Mark. I know. And thank you for your kind words. You don't know how hard it can be looking at these pictures - of course, by myself.

Also, note, this is, in a way, my service to you guys who don't have Japanese fonts on your computer nor are you able to access Japanese sites so easily. I will place these girls names in Roman alphabet along with their names written in Japanese. If you see a girl you like, then just copy and paste her name (that's written in Kanji - without the parenthesis), into a search engine (Google, Youtube, etc.) and wallah! You're there in her living room!


Diana Okuai (奥愛ディアナ)

Diana Okuai (奥愛ディアナ)

Yuri Hamada (田由梨)

Natsumi Ikeda (田夏希)

Natsumi Ikeda (田夏希)

Nanako Kodama (玉菜々子)

Sayuki Matsumoto (本さゆき)

Minami Matsuzaka (松坂南)

Minami Matsuzaka (松坂南)

Tama Mizuki (樹たま)

Tama Mizuki (樹たま)

Hitomi Kitamura (北村ひとみ

Yuki Mogemi (上ゆき)

Airi Nagasaku (作あいり)

Airi Nagasaku (作あいり)

Anri Sugahara (原杏璃)

Anri Sugahara (原杏璃)

Anri Sugahara (原杏璃)

Wow! I don't know about you, but this has been a gala day! As Groucho Marx would say, "That's good because I don't know if I could handle more than a gal a day!"

See you in June!

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Andrew Joseph said...

Thanks Mike. Your blog made me have sex with my wife. Damn you.
Man, I love bottom boob.

Anonymous said...

I luv your research :)
I did some research too, don't know all their names but they are called gravure idols
My fave is Azusa Yamamoto and she as far as I know it ain't married

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