Friday, April 13, 2012

Sexy Japanese High School Girl Mannequin - The Best Mannequin in the World?

This blog doesn't normally feature articles about sexy Japanese high school girls (not you could tell that from the "most popular posts" links to the right)! No! Not at all. If you're searching for that sort of low-brow sex-filled gutteral stuff, you're in the wrong place. If you want that, head to the other side, across the tracks, to Japan - It's a Wonderful Rife. Tell them Mike sent you. They have everything you need. 

This blog, my friends, is a healthy family operation for intelligent people! But, that being said, this particular post does feature information about an interesting and sexy marketing and advertising idea and gimmick.

Today I saw a gimmick that made me have a double-take. There's a Softbank shop (Softbank sells cell phones and iPads in Japan) near my house on the way to the train station. I go by it everyday and today I saw this babe-licious Japanese high school girl staring at me. I'm near-sighted so I thought she was staring at me. I smiled and winked but she didn't move... 

Wait! Did she just wink at me?

Upon closer inspection, I saw that it was not a high school girl, but a mannequin dressed up as a high school girl, uniform and all, standing in front of a store that sells cell phones.

Interesting ploy to get guys into the store or to at least look that way... Wonder if it works?

I guess it does... Why? I looked at it. I even took photos of it and even mentioned the name of the shop in this blog.

They say there's a sucker born every minute... OK, I'm not a sucker for cell phone shops, but am a sucker for Japanese high school girls... in uniform! 

But, man... Is Japan ful of weird people with fetishisms or what? 

From a distance, I see her... She saw me, I'm sure... But, as you know, girls are shy. She quickly looks away as if not to notice.

I get closer... Still she dares not to look. I know why, she blushes easily... I approach closer... Closer... Closer still...

I get really close up and close my eyes... I lean to kiss her on the cheek... The smell of her perfume drives me wild!

There is a strange sound. I open my eyes! The shop owner is looking straight at me and calling the police... I run away down the street.... 

Dash it all! Another love rendezvous ruined by a jealous boyfriend!... Why can't they just leave us alone?

I shout goodbye at her and wave back as I flee the scene! She looks away...

"Until we meet again!" 

"Who was that mysterious and extremely sexy gentleman?"

-To be continued-


Boo said...

Imagine that: a student standing in front of a sign advertising student discounts. What will they think of next?

Andrew Joseph said...

I think they should have ironed the girl's shirt.

And you know what - I have never seen such an ugly green on a uniform before - and this is coming from a guy wearing a mint colored sweater today - but with my complexion, I pull it off spectacularly.

Thanks for the plug! Butt, no high school girl mannequin is going to talk to you unless you buy her stuff first. Of course, that's a guess. I've NEVER had a high school girl talk to me, what with being a nerd in school and not having any money as an adult.

mike in tokyo rogers said...

Boo! Of course! I didn't even notice it! I was too busy looking at skirts! I could slap my forehead!

Sexy Asian Babe said...

I guess stores should use this sort of sexy Mannequin to lure customers :-)

Daryl said...

This mannequin is quite realistic really. I wonder how many drunk people have walked up and started chatting to her?

However, i HATE the uniform. I prefer the ble plaid skirts taht Japanese ScoolGirls always seem to wear...

I want her in the sequel to the film "Mannequin" she would be great!

I wonder who it was modelled on?

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