Saturday, April 21, 2012

Japanese Man Attempts to Eat Burger King Whopper with Extra 1,050 Slices of Bacon - Fails!

20 years ago one very rarely saw any fat people in Japan. Still today, compared to the UK or the United States, Japan is a country full of skinny people (and awesome sexy Japanese babes). I wonder how much longer Japan will be able to remain a country of skinny people, though?

The fast food boom started in Japan about 20 years ago and shows no sign of letting up. Along with that boom some very sick ideas are born.

Here's a story about a guy who bought a Burger King Whopper and added the extra bacon - over 70 times worth! From the Inquisitr:

Japan – - A Whopper burger garnished with 1,050 bacon strips has defeated an ambitious diner who took advantage of a new Burger King promotion.
Burger King Japan is currently offering customers the chance to add an additional 15 slices of bacon to their order for a mere ¥100, or $1.25.
After hearing of this, Japanese site RocketNews did the honorable thing and decided to create the bacony behemoth you see above. The 1,050 strips of bacon added roughly $87 to the cost of the burger. It also meant that 15 slices of were added … 70 times over.
Of course, though, the Japanese guy in the video couldn't down the burger... I don't think a 350 pound sumo could either. That's disgusting.

Long ago, food held a very religious meaning for people in Japan (and in the west)... Now that food is so plentiful, the thanks and feeling of appreciation people used to have for it has disappeared... When food was a life or death matter, then people appreciated it much more, of course... Now? This sort of sideshow is very crass in my opinion. Why waste food like this when so many people are starving... And I don't mean in Africa. There are people starving in this very city - yours and mine - right now. I notice that the guy holds his hands up in supplication before he eats... Proof that even "thanks" means nothing anymore...

One more reason why they call this "Junk Food"... Fits well with a junk culture... 

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Andrew Joseph said...

Yeah Mike... perhaps it's a good thing he couldn't eat it. He could have died from all of the salt, clogged arteries and just plain gluttony.
On one of the channels here - the outdoor network or something, they have a show called Man Vs Food, where a guy no bigger than myself (5-10-1/2, 215lbs), overweight, goes around to various restaurants where they have a challenge dish on their menu... stuff like try to eat the 110 ounce steak, or 10 gallons of an ice cream dessert... we watch the hot dog eating contests... disgusting all, but oddly fascinating.
Burger King needs their face slapped with 15 strips of bacon. Ugh.

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