"What the Phuoc?" Thien Phuoc! A Great Place to Eat Vietnamese Food in Tokyo

OK. Humor me. Time for some Jr. high school level levity... Looks like I found a great Vietnamese restaurant in Yotsuya 3 Chome. I saw it because of the sign and thought, "What the Phuoc!?"

Looks delicious! Their average rating was 3.3 out of 5 so that's really good for a reasonably priced restaurant in Tokyo.

Heck, since I make fun of their sign, I have to at least give them a plug! Here's a map and a website. My friend told me that he loves this place and eats there very often. The lunch sets during the week are a super good deal at ¥550! (about $6 USD):


Jimbo said…
Y500 isn't bad at all for a good-looking lunch set like that! I'll have to try this place out the next time I am in town.

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