Japanese Trucks! Transformers? Deceptacons?

Some Japanese truckers really trick out their vehicles. It's pretty amazing.

Annually, they have several shows where these trucks are displayed. Some of the shows are for charity. Here's a short collection of some amateur videos. Watching these trucks makes you wonder when they are going to transform into one of those Transformers or Deceptacons.


Ira Hata said…

You might write about the culture behind these trucks.

I was told that "shabu" (or speed) was invented in Japan specifically for the trucker market. There are two types of drivers behind the wheel of these trucks. The first cruise the highways at a leisurely pace. The second, the typically most prevalent, drive at high speed and recklessly change lanes. If you piss one of them off, they'll try to run you off the road.

So, as cool as they look, you don't want to be too close to them, especially when they're on the road...

Yes. What Ira wrote is true... Do not piss these guys off if you see them driving behind or alongside you!

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