Thursday, November 18, 2010

Japan Resident Complains About US Police State

A regular reader chimes in on how the USA has become a police state and now we cannot send any packages from Japan that weigh more than one pound:

Hi Mike,

My wife told me this was posted in Japanese last Friday, but today is the first day I have seen it in English.  Truly, this is terrible and it is further proof that America is a totalitarian police state.  Check it more mail to America weighing more than 1 pound.

From Japan Times

Japan Post Services Co. said it will stop accepting airmail packages bound for the United States weighing 453 grams (1 pound) or more starting Wednesday because airlines will stop such delivery at the request of U.S. aviation authorities as part of antiterrorism measures.
The postal services arm of Japan Post Holdings Co. handles 16 million letters and packages by air and sea to the U.S. annually, and "15 percent of that will be affected," a Japan Post spokesman said. That means about 200,000 packages a month will be affected.
The company said it will accept packages from senders that use a service enabling them to pay after delivery instead of beforehand, a service designated for regular customers, even if a package weighs 453 grams or more. The company will notify the public of any changes in the situation, the spokesman said.
The Transportation Security Administration of the U.S. has informed air carriers of the 453-gram rule, and carriers notified Japan Post Services, the spokesman said. The rule applies not only to packages from Japan but from other countries.

Firstly, Obama and his gang make a draconian rule in secret.  Absolute sign of a dictatorial government.  Secondly, there has been no mention of this whatsoever on the internet or other media.  Believe me, I have searched for several days.  The media bosses exist merely to trumpet the propaganda for the party elites.  How could they ignore this?  
Finally, for the ruling party bosses to wave a hand and dictate that no one can receive mail weighing more than 1 pound from outside of the country is conclusive proof, its a police state.  No debate, no announcement, no nothing.  The people are cut off from receiving much anything from the outside world, other than papers.   Just stroke of a pen, make a law, kind totalitarian.
Best wishes and hope you weren't planning on sending any Christmas gifts weighing more than a pound to America, because its verboten.  Also, if you are like me, an ex-pat American who has to file tax forms that weigh more than 1 pound, you will not be able to mail them to the IRS. 

- Andy in Japan Sirkis


Anonymous said...

It's not surprising. Time for everyone who follows this blog to watch

Anonymous said...

To be fair, _TECHNICALLY_ Andy can mail his forms. He just has to pay astronomical prices and use Fedex.

Andy "In Japan" said...

Technically, I am not aware that Fedex serves the residential market in Japan. Especially where I live out in the sticks, there is no Fedex store for individuals to use.

Mike-san, does Fedex have store front services available for people who live in big cities in Japan?

Also, I would then question whether the new rules eliminating postal delivery are really about security, or whether they are just an attempt by corporate interests and their pals in government to eliminate the competition.

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