Friday, November 5, 2010

Domino Pizza $30,000 (USD) an Hour Promotion a Smash Success!

I went to Domino Pizza Japan's HQ today to talk to my point man for marketing, Mr. Karasawa, and he told me that the 25th Annniversary promotion for Domino pizza has been a complete success.

This blog was the first place in the world to announce this information in English (Thank you! Thank you! Pat myself on the back...) and now it is everywhere. Mr. Karasawa has told me that he has gotten inquiries from Europe and the Americas. So have I actually.

We talked about this promotion long ago and I told him that I think this sort of thing is the best way to promote anything nowadays. This particular plan was not put in place by my company but I helped suggest and run these sorts of promotions with Domino Pizza (and other companies and GTO's as well as airlines) in Japan.

We have some more fantastic promotions coming up in the next few months that I cannot announce just yet but stay tuned to this blog for the fastest announcements!

Credibility is difficult to get and even harder to buy. Whenever you see, say, a full page ad in a newspaper that says something like, "This restaurant XYZ is great!" Do you go? No. No one does anymore.

But when your friend tell you that, "That XYZ restaurant is great!" Then you consider going. It is this sort of word-of-mouth promotion that requires people with good ideas to get the message out in 2010 and beyond.

I am proud to be a part of these sorts of promotions... It especially pleased me when Mr. Karasawa said,

"This is one of the best promotions we've ever had and it was dirt cheap!"

For more information in English click here.

In Japanese click here.

Details will be announced soon. See the web site here:

Domino Pizza Japan site.

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Ira Hata said...

Good for you, Mike!

I'm sure Ernie appreciates it too.

Keep doing your thing, dude!


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