Sunday, November 14, 2010

AirAsia X Announces ¥14,000 ($169) Flights From Japan to Kuala Lumpur!

Wow! I think I've gone to heaven! AirAsia X, a Malaysian based airlines, is starting service from Tokyo's Haneda airport on Thursday, December 9th, 2010 and flying to Kuala Lumpur direct for the incredibly low price of ¥14,000! That's about $169 USD!

That's an incredible deal!

At ¥14,000 yen, the flights on these beautiful AirAsia X planes will about 1/3 that of the next nearest competitor that charges over ¥40,000 per person! Heck, that extra ¥26,000 yen in your pocket will pay for two nights at some of the best hotels in Malaysia!

The Nikkei reports:

AirAsia X to launch KL - Tokyo Haneda flights
KUALA LUMPUR (Nikkei)--Budget Malaysian carrier AirAsia Bhd said Tuesday that it plans to launch its first flights serving Japan by the end of the year, selling one-way tickets between Kuala Lumpur and Tokyo for as low as 14,000 yen.

Operated by AirAsia X, AirAsia's long-distance airline, the flights between Kuala Lumpur International Airport and Tokyo's Haneda airport will begin at a pace of three per week. But the company aims to ramp up to seven flights as soon as possible, AirAsia Chief Executive Officer Tony Fernandes told The Nikkei.

The flights are expected to use Airbus SAS' A330 aircraft. The Japanese government has already allotted landing and takeoff slots to AirAsia X at Haneda.

At present, the cheapest round-trip airfares for Japan-Malaysia flights sell for more than 40,000 yen. Saying that the one-way fare for its flights will likely cost less than a cab ride from Tokyo to Narita International Airport, Fernandes expressed his confidence in the service's success.
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Alright!!!! I know where I am taking my family on vacation next year! We are going to Malaysia and we are flying AirAsia X!

Also! There is a rumor going around that Air Asia will be running some cool promotions on Tokyo area FM radio stations where you can win tickets (hotel too?) to go on vacation to Malaysia on AirAsia X! Stay tuned to this blog for more information as - as always - I will be the first to announce that information so you have a better chance to win!

Kuala Lumpur

Thank God for AirAsia X!


AirAsia X online booking is here:

Direct hotel online booking:

Direct hotel online booking:


Ira Hata said...

Excellent, Mike!

From now on, I should look at flying to Jakarta via Malaysia.

Thanks, dude!


salil said...

The price should make the difference in low altiture areas ....
The altitude sickness should start then.....
Flying miles is grounded to the customer when the weather is satis-fact-tory......

Casper said...

Ummm... isn't that city Singapore?

mike in tokyo rogers said...

Dear Casper!

You might be right! I took that from a Google image search for Kuala Lumpur and that photo is the first result!!!! Another search for Singapore shows the same photo.

As my beliefs are that honesty s the best policy... I will admit my mistake and put a photo up that I am sure is Malayasia.

Thanks Casper! Forgive me proud people of Malaysia and Singapore!

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